All you need is LOVE and some SWEETS :)

When talking about confectionary profession in Zagreb in the last 35 years, there is no one else but the family Vincek, that has signiticantly contributed to the urban image of the city.
The family’s sweet creations have with time, hard work and uncompromising quality exceeded the term confectionery itself. “Vincek” is now a well-known brand in Zagreb and can thus be found in almost every tourist guidebook.

We have created a logo, that captures primary attributes of the brand. In this sense, the shape of the heart symbolizes the love as well as Vincek’s long-standing dedication and commitment to their profession.
The delicate complexity of the logo reminds on the magical charm of former times and on some lost traditional values, while the letter “V” stylizes the family’s surname.

The finished applications cover almost all types of communication between Vincek and their customers: packaging, cake boxes, labels, bags, corporate stationery, promotional materials, price lists, pottery (cups, pots …), illuminated advertising.

We have worked on the development of the brand name, the concept and the interior design of the café: Vis à Vis.
Design visual identity: Željko Paulić – Žac.
Vis à Vis naming and text: Sandra Antolić.
Vis à Vis interior design: Studio Elle, Loredana Stunić and  Željko Paulić – Žac.


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