Bussines Center

The project for this modern business center by the company “opportunitas” is located near the most famous street in Zagreb: “Illica”.
ILLICA CENTAR is a project in development and is about to set new standards in its field.

We have designed a logo, which consists of the stylized version of the initials (I + C) and the shape of the building.
In addition, we have also created a 3D visualization of the interior and exterior architecture of the building and have worked on a special promotional booklet, which required different materials and printing techniques for its development.

The front and back covers of the booklet consist of lightweight plastic sheets and the inside pages of fine paper and transparent slides.
Technology and printing: CNC milling, screen printing on plastic sheets, screen printing of gloss varnish on paper, slide printing on colored paper, offset printing, UV printing on transparent slides and special adhesion methods.
The company grafokor was responsible for the printing of the Booklet.

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